What Type Of Copywriter Are You?

Copywriting Tips: Unless you're writing a podcast or video script, it's easy to forget that even marketing copy will not just consumed or even scanned, but real. And when people read, they sound out and even hear the words as a part of their inner speech in a process known as subvocalization So read your work aloud and make sure to listen. Did you trip over any phrases? Did you catch an accidental rhyme or a tricky string of words? Did you have a hard time following? Rewrite. (

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So, what type of copywriter are you? In this video, we're going to find out…
Now, I want to give you 2 questions that you can use to determine whether you're going to be a Generalist or a Specialist Copywriter.

In this Video:
00:01 What Type Of Copywriter Are You?
00:13 Two Types Of Copywriters
00:20 Specialist Copywriter
01:11 Generalist Copywriter
02:33 2 Questions To Determine What Type Of Copywriter You Are

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