What Rich Kids Know

Young Entrepreneur Tips: Kevin Lin never thought he could impact anybody. Now he's one of the biggest connectors in the world. As the co-founder of Twitch, the world's leading live streaming platform for gamers, and Gold House, a powerful community influencing how Asians are perceived in business and media, Kevin stresses the importance of working with people you like, and trust. Constantly connecting with partners, mentoring young entrepreneurs, and always in motion, Kevin relies on his (

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Let’s face it, people who grow up rich are different. And it’s easy to say they don’t deserve their success and carry on about the “silver platter” but not all rich kids have trust funds, inherit the family business, or have “Daddy” pulling strings for them.

If we check our egos we might find that there are some really valuable things that rich kids are taught at an early age that take many of is a lot longer to figure out.

Remember it’s always easier to be a cynic than a student. Let’s take a minute and learn 3 important lessons from rich kids.

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