What makes good copywriting: Writing for Advertising and Design | D&AD Awards Insights 2021

Copywriting Tips: After your headline, your introduction to the article is extremely important for engaging your readers enough to ensure that they don't leave. If the intro is vague, unclear, written poorly or too long, you'll lose that 20% who opened your article. Luckily, writing an enticing intro is pretty easy. (

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Copywriting can highlight social issues, stir emotions and move the viewer to tears or laughter. Judges from the D&AD Writing for Design and Writing for Advertising juries take a look at this year’s winners, including Burger King’s Confusing Times radio ad and Beats by Dre You Love Me film. The jurors discuss the beauty of simple copywriting, advertising’s ability to entertain during challenging times, the move towards long form content, and why designers and copywriters should work more closely.

For the full list of the 2021 D&AD Award-winners:

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0:00 Introduction by Nolan Giles, Design Editor at Monocle
1:31 The simple construct of Burger King’s Confusing Times radio campaign
4:58 Copywriting to entertain – Miller Lite’s Cantenna parody
7:41 Poetic copywriting in You Love Me, Beats by Dre
10:45 Attention grabbing copy to hook in the audience – Huggies We Got You, Baby
13:34 Long form content is moving towards being conversational and authentic
15:05 “Good ads are always simple” – the different styles of copywriting
17:38 A fresh approach to advertising during Covid
20:48 How copywriters can tackle challenging subjects
26:09 Copywriters and designers need to work in sync
28:00 How to use humour in your copywriting
34:49 Tips for aspiring copywriters

Work mentioned:
Burger King, Confusing Times, David Madrid
Molson Coors/Miller Lite, Cantenna, DDB Chicago
Beats by Dre, You Love Me, Translation/Prettybird
Huggies, We Got You, Baby, Droga5 New York

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