This Bear NFT is Making Me $150 PER DAY in Passive Income | BEARX NFT

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The BearX NFT Project is a super cool ethereum-based NFT collection of 3,700 bears — and I’m the proud owner of eight of them! The whitelist mint happened in the first week of November 2021, at a price of 0.05 ETH + gas (which is crazy right now), followed shortly by the public mint. And not only does the art rock, but these babies have a lot of utility in store and also generate ROOTx token to the tune of 10 per day. In this video, I tell you why I like the BearX NFT project, how much I've made, how you can get involved, why I think it has great utility, and more!

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BearX NFT Links:
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► BearX NFT OpenSea:

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Table of Contents:
0:00 BearX NFT Project
2:07 How I Heard About BearX
3:54 What Is BearX?
4:05 BearX Whitelist Mint
5:02 My BearX Profit
6:54 BearX Art
7:31 BearX Community
8:25 BearX Leadership (Akeem Ojuko)
9:14 BearX NFT Hack
12:55 BearX Binance Partnership
13:36 BearX Utility
15:02 ROOTx Token for BearX – PASSIVE INCOME!
19:49 BearX NFT: Conclusion

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