The Truth About Passive Income 2021 | Chicken Genius | Benny | Qiuyu | Café Money EP 10

Passive Income Tip: Passive income are earnings you receive from things like stock dividends, royalties, real estate, joint partnerships and other investments. Unlike a salary, your passive income is not directly connected to how much you work. Initially, you may have to work hard to create a passive income source… but if done correctly, the amount of active work you'll need to do decreases over time. (

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Making money without doing any work? Free money falling from the sky? Ka-ching Ka-ching when you sleep? Is passive income even real? YOU WISH! Let's talk about what does it really mean by generating passive income and how do you grow your wealth over the long term!

Join Chicken Genius, Benny and Qiuyu as they discuss all-things-money in the brand new series, Cafe Money.

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