The Biggest Passive Income in GTA Online: Agency Safe Explained

Passive Income Tip: Many people mistake passive income for money that is earned from get-rich-quick schemes. That is not true. It cannot magically help you earn money instantly. Otherwise everyone today would be successfully owning multiple passive income businesses today. (

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Now You can earn Up to 25 000$ per Hour in GTA Online with agency safe passive income. It's definitely the best passive income in GTA 5 Online but there is a trick: it will take to complete a lot of Security Contracts in Agency to reach that level of passive income. And this new Security Contracts are less profitable than other money making methods in GTA Online (especially Cayo Perico). So is achieving maximum passive income in GTA Online even worth it? Let's make calculations and find out!
0:00 – Best Passive Income in GTA Online
1:12 – Agency Safe Income Explained
2:25 – Completing Security Contracts
4:55 – Comparing Money Making Methods
7:22 – GTA Online Agency Safe Capacity
8:15 – Easiest Contracts

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