The 8 BEST PASSIVE income options for 2022!! (#6 will SHOCK you)

Passive Income Tip: If you're musically inclined, one idea for generating some passive income could be to create jingles or audio tracks that you can then license out through popular websites such as Audio Socket Sound Cloud or Song Freedom , just to name a few. Clearly, this isn't easy. But it is well worth your time if you can come up with something great. (

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Passive income is such a popular topic, but how realistic is it? Can most people really start making it and what are some of the best and worst options for 2022?Today I'm sharing the best Side Hustle for Women to make money online or to make money working from home. Side hustles ideas can help you get to financial freedom much faster! Do you have any side hustles?
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YIELD FARMING FOR BEGINNERS: gain passive income in crypto.