Storytelling Tips for Copywriting in Breaking Bad: The Drama Loop

Copywriting Tips: Just like meeting people in real life, your copy doesn't really get a second chance to make a first impression. Looks matter - the right font is the difference between communicating something effectively and coming across as spammy, sloppy or trashy. (

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Today's copywriting technique continues with another storytelling technique. For more copywriting tips watch this video series HERE ➡️

I believe stories are as important to sales copy as oxygen is to us.

And that's not hype.

Stories have the ability to transport your prospect out of the world they're living in, into the world they would rather be in.

Not only that.

The stories puts them in the emotion of hope and the world of possibility.

This is the state a buyer needs to be in to buy.

All the features and benefits and bonuses and all those other persuasion techniques you're learning from me push them off the fence to happily clicking your buy button.

Watch both today's and yesterday's video and then put those techniques to work in your stories.

I'd love to hear your results in the comments.

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