“Should I be a copywriter?” BEFORE starting a beginner copywriting course watch this…

Copywriting Tips: Every creative professional needs good communication abilities, and writing skills are essential for your career toolkit. From client briefs and emails to blog posts and brochure copy, designers and other creatives are frequently called upon to flex their writing muscles. If you find yourself easily frustrated and staring far too long at a blank Word document, these copywriting tips for nonwriters will help you face your fears and find your voice. (

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Should I start copywriting? What is copywriting? What does a copywriter do? What does a day in a copywriter's life look like? If you've ever taken a Dan Lok copywriting course and thought “Should I be a copywriter?”, then questions like these have probably crossed your mind. But before you become a beginner copywriter, you should take this step first: LEARN about the personality traits that makes you cut out to be a professional freelance copywriter or not. (What's the difference between a copywriter vs content writer anyway? Or copywriter vs freelance writing? You'll find out by the end of this video.)

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Just look for "marketing company" + your place. We've found a couple of lists of marketing agencies online to help get you began: Since there are thousands of firms on this list, it's going to take you a while before you run out. Work as a freelance copywriter As a freelance copywriter, you work for yourself.

If you're going to go this path (with a little bit of company copywriting sprayed in most likely), it's an excellent concept to really think of what you wish to perform in regards to a specific niche. It was pointed out previously, but it's worth pointing out again. A great deal of copywriters have been successful by not just specifying one specific niche, but really looking at things through numerous lenses.

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As a copywriter you will: Compose e-mail copy for Saa, S brands Develop social networks ads for fitness brand names Compose video sales scripts for golf brands A great deal of this is covered in the How to be a Freelance Author and the Getting Going with B2B Composing posts. Check out those and you'll see that entering a niche is a genuine secret to success for a great deal of authors.

A fantastic copywriter can have more work than they might ever handle. Top copywriters can make 6 figures on a limited schedule, where they pick and pick precisely which jobs they want to work on.

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According to Pay, Scale, the median in-house copywriter at a business makes about $52,000 a year. Many companies normally pay freelancers by the hour. You could reasonably anticipate to see anywhere from $35 an hour on the low end to over $100 an hour for highly experienced copywriters. It's not unreasonable to come into a firm and navigate $50 an hour, even as someone brand-new.

When it comes to the earnings of copywriters who freelance on their own, it's harder to pin down an exact number. Many freelance copywriters charge on a per-project rate, so it might be $50 for an e-mail or $500 for an about page or $5,000 for a sales page. Glassdoor puts the typical freelance copywriter income at just over $81,000 a year.

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There are also brand name new copywriters who make $25,000 a year while still working a full-time job and doing copywriting as a side hustle. The variety can work out upwards of $100,000 and even $200,000 for actually good freelance copywriters, and some of the severe pros can make in the millions.

And the more work you put into honing your copy and discovering a bit about the psychology of people and why they purchase, the better off you're going to be. Ok, now let's get into how to be a freelance copywriter, even with no experience. Copywriting is a very hands-on type of ability you in fact have to practice to get truly proficient at it.

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When it comes to finding out about copy, there is a heap of info out there., it can get quite deep into looking at how individuals believe, the psychological aspects.

If you've ever wondered “Is copywriting for ME?”, then you're in the right place.

Before we get into that we need to have a real talk because I’ve definitely seen more people leave this industry because it ultimately wasn’t a good personality fit for them, and I don’t think that’s talked about enough.

So please stick with me through this video because even if it turns out you decide that being a copywriter isn’t for you, I’ve still got 3 tips for you on how you can STILL make a 6-figure income freelance writing.

You’ll come out of this video with a better understanding on if you should become a copywriter… Or not.

And don’t worry – whatever the answer is, you’ll get advice to learn how to move forward!

Today we’re going to be talking about this in 3 parts: first the main dilemma future copywriters face, then WHY so many people who want to be copywriters fail, and finally how to decide if you actually WANT to be a copywriter – or not, and advice for you both on how to move your career as a professional writer forward.

Part 1: The wanna-be copywriter’s dilemma

Every day, thousands of people like you watch tens of thousands of hours of how-to YouTube videos about stuff like “how to be a copywriter”. Of those people, only a fraction of a percent – maybe 10, or 100 people will take action.

Of those 100 people who DO move past watching a video like this, only a fraction of a percent will make a FULL-TIME living as a professional copywriter or freelance writing. Due to traps that beginners fall into like “getting stuck leaning” (forever trapped hand copying ads and posting unpaid, unpublished specwork for “copy critiques” on the internet from other inexperienced beginners), to not being able to land a client due to not understanding the job search/prospecting/proposal/closing sales process, and even people who make it THAT far could still experience BURNOUT from copywriting if it's not a good personality fit for whatever reason.

That's why this conversation is SO IMPORTANT!!

(Even for the people who make it PAST THAT, another 50%+ will not make a sustainable income for themselves because they lack the business owner skills which are completely separate from copywriting.)

Part 2: Why do 95% of wanna-be copywriters fail?

Loving writing does NOT mean that you will like copywriting.

In fact, many people who enjoy creative writing actually hate copywriting.

A lot of people who enjoy the creative aspects of writing tell me that copywriting is “soul sucking” and makes writing not fun for them anymore.

Many other people just don’t enjoy the type of feedback that sales writing gets. A lot of people have a misconception that a copywriter’s job is to be “creative”. The truth is that “creativity” is not an important factor for copywriters at all. (The most important factor is getting results.)

Part 3A: So you want to be a copywriter?

So if you think you want to be a copywriter, this is where you'll learn my top 2 strategies/tips for you.

Tip 1 will make or break your success as a copywriter, because if you don’t like selling then you’re realistically not going to be a successful copywriter.

If you believe you “want to be a copywriter” then Tip Number 2 is your MOST IMPORTANT task!!

We'll also talk about the biggest problem wanna-be copywriters face from here is GETTING STUCK IN LEARNING. You'll learn how to deal with information overwhelm.

What then?

If you still want to make your income in writing, but sales isn’t for you, don’t worry – let’s talk about some high paying career branches in freelance professional writing.

Because you DON’T have to be a sales copywriter to make $10,000 or more per month.

Part 3B: So you DON’T want to be a copywriter

You'll learn 3 actionable steps you can take to still make BIG BUCKS as a professional writer, without the emphasis on sales that comes with copywriting.

All that & more on today's episode of “The Marketing Nerd Show” with Jamie Doerschuck!

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