POWER NODES – Turn $650 into a $100,000 Yearly Passive Income (My Exact Numbers & Game Plan!)

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Power Nodes – In this video, I explain why Power Nodes is Crashing, will walk you through step by step how to create Power Nodes, share the updated spreadsheet to show how it's possible turn $650 into a $100,000 Yearly Passive Income.…
Power Nodes (Full Tutorial):

00:00 – Key Parts of the Video
01:25 – Part 1: Why Power Nodes Price is crashing? Will they explode in 2022?
02:59 – Part 2: Spreadsheet – Turn $650 into a $100,000 Yearly
05:55 – Part 3: Step by Step Walkthrough – Creating 3 Power Nodes
07:22 – Step 1: Create a MetaMask Wallet and Config Fantom Opera
07:32 – Step 2: Buy FTM and Send FTM to MetaMask
08:39 – Step 3: Swap FTM for POWER tokens
09:44 – Step 4: Create a Node on

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