Pinterest Affiliate Marketing 2021 – How to use Pinterest for Affiliate Marketing Without a Blog?

Affiliate Marketing Tip: What do people love to do? Talk about themselves and their opinions! When you write an affiliate product review, invite people to post their own testimonials. Offer a little freebie as an incentive. Choose the best-written pieces. Try to see if you can get a video of them on a webcam discussing the product. Collect these testimonials and post intermittently for even more impact.

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Are you interested in using affiliate marketing on Pinterest? Are you even allowed to use Affiliate links on Pinterest to make money?

Do you need a blog or website to make this work? And what are best practices you should follow to make sure you’re not breaking any laws or risk your account being shut down because you did something that goes against Pinterest's terms of use?

I’ll cover these questions and a lot more in today’s video.

But first, there’re just important things to understand before you get started so you don’t get into trouble while making the big bucks on the platform.

First of all, I’m going to walk you through 2 ways to use affiliate marketing on Pinterest.

First, Using direct affiliate links, so you don’t even need a website.

And second, how you can use indirect affiliate marketing, so you lead people to your website or blog and to articles that include affiliate links.

I’ll also cover different affiliate networks because it’s important to understand that you’re not allowed to use every affiliate product on Pinterest. I’ll talk specifically about ShareASale, Amazon, and Etsy.

And I’ll give you my best tips on best practices you should follow to succeed with affiliate links on Pinterest.

So you don’t just slap affiliate links all over Pinterest, which you’ll soon realize does not work, but I’ll show you what actually works so you can make consistent affiliate income from Pinterest.

Ok, let’s dig in!

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00:00 Intro
01:55 FREE Pinterest Affiliate Checklist
04:11 RewardStyle Affiliate Pin (Direct Affiliate Pin)
04:55 How to Create Pin Image
07:05 How to Create an Affiliate Pin in Canva
09:19 How to Upload Pins to Pinterest
09:42 How to Add Keywords to Pin Description
11:11 Affiliate Links that lead to a Blog Post or Landing Page (Indirect Affiliate Pin)
14:15 Advantages of Direct vs. Indirect Pinterest Affiliate Pins
17:27 Pinterest Affiliate Guidelines
20:18 Pinterest FTC Regulation for Affiliate Disclosure – How to Disclose an Affiliate Pin on Pinterest
22:20 Affiliate Programs vs. Affiliate Networks
23:10 Ultimate Bundle Affiliate Program
25:13 RewardStyle Affiliate Links for Pinterest
26:49 Amazon Affiliate Links on Pinterest (EU vs US)
28:28 Etsy Affiliate Links on Pinterest (part of AWIN or RewardSytle Network)
30:04 ShareASale Links on Pinterest
32:27 FREE Pinterest Affiliate Checklist


– Ultimate Bundles – Become an affiliate here.

– rewardStyle Affiliate Network

(If you use this link to apply for rewardStyle and you get accepted, we both receive a $25 bonus)

– Amazon Associates

– Etsy (part of AWIN)

– ShareASale Affiliate Network



– Pinterest Affiliate Guidelines:

– FTC Endorsement Guide

– Affiliate Link Guide to Pinterest

– Amazon Associates UK

– Etsy Affiliate Policy



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