Passive Income Ideas: How I Make $40k A Week

Passive Income Tip: Another avenue for passive income is to leverage photo-selling websites such as iStockPhoto and Shutter Stock to earn money while you sleep. Clearly, you need to understand photography and things like Photoshop if you're serious about succeeding in the photo-selling business. (

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Here are some passive income ideas taken from my own income streams.
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How do we build passive income streams? What passive income ideas actually work? These are questions I get asked all the time. So in today's video I thought I would take you behind the scenes and share the 10 income streams that I have, most of them being 100% passive.

The message here isn't that you need to have 10 passive income streams, I want this to be a springboard and an encouragement for you to get started with generating passive income. So here are 10 ideas that you can think about, then choose one to get started with.

The average millionaire has 3 income streams or more, and if you make these passive you are bound to start building wealth. Passive income isn't sitting on the beach collecting checks, it is a real thing and the main driver for the wealth I have accumulated. And if there is just one thing you'll take away from this video, it is that you can do it too. You can get started with building passive income TODAY.

If you want to give passive income a try, then jump on my 30 day online income jumpstart and start generating passive income in the next 30 days.

Let's start building passive income streams that put money in our pocket while we're busy living life!

Hope you enjoy!
– Graham

0:00 Passive income streams & ideas
1:19 Create online courses
2:00 Create membership sites
2:58 Monetize YouTube Ads
3:34 Create online courses (Second business)
4:08 Create membership sites (Second business)
4:50 Sell high ticket coaching
5:16 Promote affiliate products
6:57 Rent out a property
7:56 Invest in stocks, bonds and index funds
8:31 Collect royalties
9:12 My passive income streams
10:41 Let's talk about memberships
12:17 Can you find a sponsor?
13:00 Let's talk about YouTube ads
14:08 Can you promote a subscription product?
15:10 Are you able to buy a rental property?
19:37 Let's talk about investing
20:45 Passive income ideas to get started with
22:53 Your passive income journey starts here

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