My Top 5 Free Traffic Sources for Affiliate Marketing (10,000 Clicks / Month)

Affiliate Marketing Tip: A great affiliate marketing tip is to reduce the amount of clutter on your site. You want visitors to notice the content and the ads. Having a lot of extra stuff such as calendars and clocks can distract visitors and can prevent them from clicking on what you want them to click on.

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Affiliate marketing doesn't have to cost a lot of money. In fact, with these five traffic sources that I use for free traffic, I almost never spend a penny on paid ads.

Sure, they take a little longer to build up. But isn't that the nature of free traffic?

And isn't it worth it when traffic comes in every day for weeks and years after you create the content.

In fact one of these free traffic sources gave my affiliate marketing business an additional 40,000 clicks in less than six months.

That's a lot of free clicks.

I would pick one traffic source. Master it. Dominate it. Then move on to another.

Free traffic isn't hard once you learn the algorithms. It's just math.

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