My Step-by-Step Copywriting Process For Perfect Copy Every Time

Copywriting Tips: After you write a segment of copy, read it out loud and see if you cringe. Or better yet, wait a day and have someone else read it back to you out loud. If it sounds like you're playing business, think about the main points you want to make and then imagine you are just telling those to a friend. (

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Want to write better sales copy? Great. You need a good copywriting process in place. I used to wing projects all of the time in the beginning but over many years I've created a bulletproof writing process that you can use as well.

It always begins with research. You should collect as many resources as possible about the audience, industry, and product. Buyer personas, content guidelines, market reports, and reviews are great places to start. You want to ask questions about the product and audience to reference as notes when you write later.

Then, create an outline with bullets. This will help you be more organized and have all of your main ideas in front of you. Include headlines to section areas off and include as many thoughts as needed.

Start the first draft after this. It doesn't have to be perfect! I recommend writing quickly to use the right side of the brain which is where creativity and emotion come from. Constantly stopping to edit will put you in analytical mode.

After this, it's time to edit! Look for spelling, grammar, and punctuation mistakes. Logical flow, citations, proper use of images, and formatting are important as well. Use a tool like Grammarly to make this easier.

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