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  1. Tamilore is spitting real life experiences and it’s amazing learning from him.

    Thanks to Chris Ani for bringing him on this show✨?

  2. Five things I learnt
    – It’s not always about money. You can practice not for the money but to master the skill.

    – Travelling and meeting new people expose you to a bigger world and wider perspectives.

    – If you are ignorant, then seek knowledge. Don’t try to justify your ignorance by attacking people who are succeeding.

    – Mentorship is not just about learning from a mentor. It’s also about implementing what you’ve learnt.

    – There are many people that don’t know what you know. In 2022, don’t make the mistake of thinking everyone knows about internet marketing. So keep educating people passionately.

  3. *5 Key things I learnt in the Internet Business Show with Tamilore*

    1. Do your Research; I feel a lot of people are not doing a proper research and really underestimate the exposure research brings.

    2. Start taking actions and trying out stuffs. Don’t just wait for a perfect time. Start doing something and let the little results show you more possibilities.

    3. Run your time and money to understand how things are done, even if you will be running at a loss.

    Once you figure it out, you will have a goldmine in your hands.

    4. Bad times can come up, and you will get frustrated at some point. Being resilient will help you scale as a Business person and in Business too, which is about solving problems.

    5. Mentorship gives direction, precision and helps you achieve things faster.

    It doesn’t matter if your Mentor is your age mate. It’s even fine that way.

    6. Exposure is Key!

    Viewing Life from very different perspectives will bring you exposure and this will happen when you travel and check out other Environments too.

    Mind blowing stuffs?

  4. This is my first time here. Saw the link through a tweet.

    I’m so happy I encountered this.
    I have learnt alot on mentorship, self development, exposure, mindset and many more. I also wish to be part of DABA.

    I’m really impressed.
    Thanks @Chris and @Tami

  5. Thank you, Tamilore for sharing this information fully. I’m presently a Unibadan student, will love to see you someday. It’s my earnest wish.

    Thank you, Chris Ani for bringing him on the show.

  6. Always learning from you Chris but please don’t forget about pulsex and pulsechain they are fork of Ethereum and uniswap will be launching soon. Thanks have always learnt alot from you sir

  7. Knowing what works for you

    Leverage on mentorship

    Give out value

    Be hardworking

    Work on your mindset

  8. I learnt amazing things about mentorship, leverage and Business.
    Identifying yourself and knowing what works for you???

  9. Tamilore Adewuyi is one guy I love listening to. The guy is that good.

    Thank you Chris Ani for bringing him on here ?

  10. It’s amazing learning from Tamilore, I’m growing in affiliate. Now I have people I coach on how to excel in Affiliate marketing business.

  11. Thank you tamilore for sharing your experience it was really inspiring and all thanks to chris Ani

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