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Copywriting Tips: “Write copy that answers questions your customers are actually asking,” says Rantizo 's Emily Carlson. “By doing this, you will establish yourself/company/brand as an authority, which is favored by search engines.” Kaleidico 's Bill Rice agrees: “Google seems to love very specific and detailed responses to searches that are frequently in the form of a question. By looking for these kinds of searches and keyword opportunities, you are being more supportive to your customers and ingratiating yourself to Google at the same time.” There are plenty of ways to find out what questions your audience is asking. (

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Well that was a mistake… I regret that. I'm opening up about my big four regrets so that you don't have to make the same mistakes! When it comes to my freelance copywriting career on Fiverr Pro, there's not much that I regret, and I'm extremely proud of what I've built – it's a job that I truly love, and never really imagined was possible. However, these four little trip-ups still haunt me. Choosing to sell on Fiverr? Nope, that's definitely not one of them.

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Hi! I’m Carrieblogger, a full-time career freelancer on Fiverr Pro. Since I started in 2013, I’ve built up a sustainable, consistent business with a six figure annual ‘salary’. I work as a copywriter and branding consultant for small to medium-sized brands around the world.

(Bring on the keywords…) Learn how to make money online and work from home as a freelance copywriter like me! Whether you're building a copywriting business or selling another skill online, freelance platforms like Fiverr are changing the future of work. Freelance copywriting on Fiverr is my absolute dream job – hands down. Every #Freelance Friday, I share freelancing tips, freelance advice, advice for freelancers, Fiverr tips, Fiverr advice, advice for Fiverr sellers, Fiverr business tips, and a look inside my freelance lifestyle as a solopreneur business copywriter. It's a blast!

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