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Passive Income Tip: Rental properties are defined as passive income with a couple of exceptions. If you're a real estate professional, any rental income you're making counts as active income. If you're “self-renting,” meaning that you own a space and are renting it out to a corporation or partnership where you conduct business, that does not constitute passive income unless that lease had been signed before 1988, in which case you've been grandfathered into having that income defined as passive. The IRS notes, “It doesn't matter whether or not the use is under a lease, a service contract, or some other arrangement.” However, income from leasing land does not qualify as passive income. Despite this, a land owner can benefit from passive income loss rules if the property nets a loss during the tax year. If you hold land for investment, any earnings would be considered active. (

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In today's video, we discuss how to make passive income with the cryptocurrency you hold. I'll show you a cool way to start with $5k to be able to stake crypto to stake your crypto using DeFi, and hopefully turn that into enough to be able to passively make $5k per month staking stable coins & regular crypto you hold like Bitcoin, Cardano, Ethereum and BNB.

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Video Chapters:
0:00​ – Intro
0:55 – Intro To DeFi & Staking
2:12 – Pros & Cons Of Staking
4:23 – How To Earn 400% APY
7:15 – Using Kucoin Lending
9:23 – Using BlockFi Staking
10:51 – How To Make $5k Per Month
15:05 – Summary

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