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Passive Income Tip: IRS defines passive income as only coming from two sources, or "passive activities": rental activity or "trade or business activities in which you do not materially participate." Other financial and government institutions also recognize it as an income obtained as a result of capital growth or in relation to negative gearing . Passive income is usually taxable Active income is earned income including all taxable income and wages the earner receives for working. Active income includes wages, self-employment income, and material participation in an S corporation or partnership. (

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In this video I will be showing you how to create low content coloring books, as a great side hustle and way to make money online fast in 2022. If you love online businesses/ passive income ideas then you will surely love this one! I will be showing you how to use 3 different website: ETSY, Sale Samurai, plus a Canva tutorial

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02:30-Find winning products
08:35-Create Coloring Books
14:32-Open Etsy Shop
18:35-More Ways To Earn

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