I’m Earning Passive Income With This Quiet & Affordable Crypto Mining Rig | Ipollo G1 Mini Review

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I'm earning crypto passive income with this at home crypto mining rig.
This crypto mining rig is compact, quiet and affordable.
Ipollo G1 Mini Grin Miner Review

Tech Hustler here, in today's YouTube video we will review the G1 Mini Grin miner from Ipollo. This miner is small, quiet and affordable. And unlike tradition asic miners this runs on a very low amount of electricity. The G1 Mini Grin miner mines between 8-10 Grin tokens a day, the G1 is also profitable as a Solo Grim miner as well. The G1 mini only uses 120 watts so it is idea for mining anywhere. Use the email below if you are interested in purchasing a Ipollo G1 Mini or the G1 Grin miner. Also, hit the bell so you do not miss any updates on their future miners.

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G1 – 24,999 USD/unit

G1 mini – 849 USD/unit

All prices are inclusive of shipping and customs clearance to your stated address for a limited period of time only.

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*This is not financial advice and I am not a financial advisor, This video is for educational purposes only.

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