I Tested The World’s Easiest Passive Income ($50/day)

Passive Income Tip: Passive income is a long term choice that requires short term tradeoffs. If you're willing to commit your resources to the steps and ideas below, you could be earning effortlessly for years to come. (

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Best passive income. Anchor protocol.
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Crypto investors are always looking for new ways to make passive income, and luckily DeFi has given us many ways to go attaining true passive income without breaking the bank.

So I recently I've been noticing some insane returns people are getting lending out their crypto Anchor Protocol, so I decided to invest $100,000 of my own money into this strategy so you can see if this is actually real.

Is it possible to make more than $50 a day… doing essentially nothing. Well today we will find out how to make passive income, using the Anchor Protocol.

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Crypto trading strategies
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Setting Up
1:28 Lending $100k
2:05 Is This Legit?
2:47 How Can They Afford This?
4:24 Sustainability of This Method
6:43 Where The Money Comes From
8:22 Uh Oh
8:53 Possible Risks
12:00 The Results
12:30 Important Points
13:02 Offer

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