How To Write Killer Copy That CONVERTS! (Copywriting For Websites 101)

Copywriting Tips: The team from Takipi analyzed a bunch of tech blogs to see which posts were shared more on social media than others, and what they had in common. One of the things they found was that using negative, dark and aggressive words in titles lead to more shares For instance, including the words no without and lead to more shares that more positively-framed titles using words like do or start. Another part of this finding was that aggressive or violent-sounding words encouraged more social shares , as well. For instance, words like kill dead and fear seem to be more shareable. (

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How To Write Killer Copy That CONVERTS! (Copywriting For Websites 101) // Every good homepage requires someone that understand the best copywriting techniques. Period. But writing copy doesn't always require some huge copywriting course. With the right freelance copywriting examples and copywriting tips from a copywriter (me) you can become a copywriter. So in this video I'm going to teach you how to write copy and how to become a copywriter by thinking about business writing for your home page website copywriting. So if you're ready to learn copywriting for beginners for content marketing or writing website copy (but moreso copywriting for websites, this copywriting tips for beginners copywriting tutorial will teach you the copywriting skills you need. Ready? Let's go!

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