How To Use Facebook Groups For Affiliate Marketing (FULL Beginners Tutorial)

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I’ll show you how to do affiliate marketing on facebook groups even as a beginner affiliate marketer… What I’ll show you here in this video will change the way you do facebook marketing and trust me, after this affiliate marketing tutorial you’ll be making a tonne of affiliate marketing money on facebook using facebook groups…


I will be showing you guys 3 ways to go about using facebook groups marketing or fb marketing whichever one you want to call it to get free facebook traffic from facebook groups to your affiliate links which will in turn turn into sales for you all from doing affiliate marketing with facebook groups…

And to be honest, facebook affiliate marketing is sometimes hard but if you follow what I’ll show you here, you’ll be able to do affiliate marketing on facebook free using these facebook groups and affiliate marketing with the methods I’ll show you to make serious money…

At the end of this video my main aim is to make sure you know exactly how to use facebook groups for affiliate marketing so if by the end of this video, you finally learn what you have to know and do to get results using affiliate marketing with facebook groups then all I ask from you is to give this video a like, drop a comment saying:

“facebook groups for affiliate marketing” and after that make sure you share the video with your friends and subscribe for more content like this one because I’ll be coming up with more helpful content like this one for you guys…

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  1. Thanks my guy I do hope people will take action….because most of the time people get excited about new strategy but later not implementing it. But as for you you’ve done your part it left for people to take action.

    Thanks Daniel

  2. Thanks One More Time Namesake, I Got Real Value Here? I must Confess…When you see yourself Watching a Video and you Getting Happy Already…It’s a sign one will definitely Gonna Make Progress, Once you put in the Work?

    Thanks Man?…More Money and More Wisdom???

  3. Thanks for sharing that great content. I have subbed for updates right here.????

  4. Hi Daniel, I love the video and watched It multiple times.
    But I would like to know If Pilot poster still works in 2021? I read that people say that It no longer works and they lost their money.
    Are you still using It?

  5. Great video Daniel. Question:I have read things about Pilot Poster that concerns me. Safe Poster has been recommended instead. Can you please talk about this? I will purchase whichever one you suggest, so maybe become an Affiliate of SafePoster as well as PilotPoster? Please advise. Rae

  6. Hello, Daniels
    If I choose the premium pkg, can I post from 7 different accounts (different niches) to different sets of groups?

  7. Thanks Daniel, very informative video again.. Make sure if I decided to join pilot poster, then will use your affiliate link.. There is little point missing,, does pilot poster offer safe call to action so I can place my shortened affiliate link. If so, is that acceptable by Facebook terms!

    Or you think I should insert my own landing page link along with post.


  8. Hi Daniel, thank you for the video!! I have one question.
    Can I automate multiple accounts at the same time in Pilot poster or is It only to switch between accounts when one goes into facebook jail?

  9. thats really nice bro,
    Can you post direct affiliate/website links or do you/we have to work around to not post direct links like that?

    Deep content bro!

  10. Hey Daniel I have just started to promote clickbank product I in this video as you said I am also promoting Resuage Product.
    But when I read their affiliate page they said that they don’t allow posting before and after image. That means whenever they find that types of stuff from us they gonna ban us. So what you recommend to this problem?

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