How To Start Affiliate Marketing For Beginners: I Made over $9000 Doing This [See Proof Inside]

Affiliate Marketing Tip: Choose products that will be useful and relevant for a good amount of time into the future, especially if you are using a blog as your

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How to start affiliate marketing for beginners is one of the questions I get asked by newbies in the affiliate marketing sphere which is why I decided to make this detailed affiliate marketing tutorial to answer the question in a most detailed format.

This method as i showed at the beginning of this video is what I used to earn over $9000.
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Best Independent Affiliate Programs

Affiliate marketing is basically you earning a commission for recommending products or services to people. You however make this commission when they take action. Most times this action is usually a sale.

how to start affiliate marketing for beginners is a 5 step process which are

1. You find the right product to promote
2. Sign up for the affiliate program
3. Copy your affiliate link
4. Share your affiliate link with friends, family, and others
5. You get a commission when they buy the product,

It is as simple as this and in this video, I have even done a better job of explaining this in more detail so all you need to do is do exactly what I am doing in the video and you are definitely going to either make your first commission or scale your affiliate marketing business.

This is why I strongly believe that this video is the most advanced and complete Affiliate Marketing Tutorial on YouTube today.

Here are the topics I have covered in this Affiliate Marketing Course
00:00 Proof of $9034.00
01:03 Introduction
02:56 Find Independent Affiliate Programs
12:56 Signup to Fiverr Affiliate
14:07 Login To Fiverr Afffiliate
14:41 The Fiverr Affiliate Commission Plan
19:50 Copy Your Affiliate Link
21:07 Detailed Keyword Research
50:26 SEO Plan for Your Article
01:00:37 Write your Article like a Pro Affiliate Marketer
01:05:48 Buy Domaiun and Hosting for Your Affiliate Marketing Blog
01:12:28 Setup your Affiliate Marketing Blog
Paste and Format Your Article inside your blog
01:54:55 Google Indexing Explained


Affiliate Marketing in 2021: FREE Guide for Beginners

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