How to Set Up Amazon Affiliate Marketing | $100 per day

Affiliate Marketing Tip: If you have a track record with your readers of being an honest person, you can sell that as a plus to your affiliate companies when you ask for a product to review. Your audience is expecting you to sell them something you can put yourself behind, and you can't do that without having the product in your hands at least once!

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So how exactly does Amazon affiliate work step by step? You don’t need a million views or a lot of traffic, I've been doing it before I had 2 thousand subscribers.

How to Set Up Amazon Affiliate Marketing | $100 per day

Basic Idea: is to give you guys the set but also the different options of how you can make money from Amazon affiliates without having a ton of cash.

1. How to set it up step by step
How to do it correctly:
Beg: Most people think, that to do this correctly you need a massive following but you really don’t. I started mine before I even 2k subscribers.
Climax: The idea is that you need an active site to actually you have the traffic coming in and can actually get some interest. ( thus some sales)
Ending: so don’t worry about not having 1 million people following you.

How to:
– Go to the website link in the description
– They’ll ask you some common questions
– Once you get approved then you can start making money

Example: just running one affiliate link on this channel I make around $200-$400 per month from it.

2. How to use it and where can I put it
Beg: I think the reason a lot of people fail with it, is because of a lack of focus when it comes to products.
Climax: Example – whatever product I sell here its because it's about a video or, a really good offer where you guys will make money also. Like the entire audible link that gives the person 2 free books, and a 30-day trial that if you cancel you can still keep it
Ending: So the key is finding an area of focus and just becoming the go-to guy with the discounts

How it works:
– If I have a blog or website, and just make a video on the best camera equipment, well you can use an affiliate link and get paid.
– For example, This is my current camera $1,397.99 just for the body
– Take the link ( and copy and paste it into amazon affiliates
– Then you click get link
– Now when someone buys you’ll get paid some cash
Link to Camera:
Profit at 4%: $55.91 ( so if 100 people buy it that month, $550.91)

Ps: you also get paid, for anything else you buy while using that link.

Where to put it:
– Either put short Link in Blog or YouTube or website
– Or if you want to be fancy then add pictures
– Oh and don’t forget twitter

Tip: Making review blog, is one of the best options because those are already in the market

3. How much can you make per link
Highest paying categories:
– All categories 4%
– Apparels, 7%
– Amazon Fashion 10%

– They have bonuses/bounties ( most are for amazon products)
– And it's all about traffic and conversions.

Beg: Conversion is basically the number of people you convert into customers
Climax: So basically: if you have a conversion of 2% its pretty good, I’ve noticed mine is 5-7%
Ending: So the more people visit you the better

Blog, Youtube, Social media: If you have 10,000 people visiting you monthly and they buy items of at least 100 bucks at 5% conversion rate.

That’s 2k per month in profit.






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  1. What type of blog, website or youtube channel, would you guys make to pull in more affiliate marketing cash?
    ***10 websites to make 100 bucks per Day***

  2. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your insight. I have had a blog for a little over a year now and have on average 200+ view per month and just got appoved!

  3. Great information! I just added a home decor blog to my website. I’m excited to see how this will do with it.

  4. I think you have some good information, but if you can slow it down a little it may be much better.

  5. I looked it up and many have said you need around 600 followers to be accepted by amazon. My first goal is to have that and get accepted for amazons and audibles affiliate programme

  6. Hi Tommy, great video you made here. Thanks for the info. I want to ask if it’s okay to copy-paste the text or the title of the product you want to promote if you are still a beginner. I ask this because some are saying their accounts were shut down or banned because they copied the image on their website. Does this apply also with the Title of the product? Thanks.

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