How To Sell Without Selling – Selling More By Doing Less

Work From Home Tips: To be successful and differentiate yourself in the consulting environment, you will need to select one niche rather than trying to be everything to everyone. That niche might be financial, HR, security, strategy, etc. Or, it might be small business, health and wellness, retail, technology, etc. Make sure you have the skills, know-how, and passion to drive success in that consulting area. (

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Always Be Closing (ABC) – It’s a term you’ve probably come across in your sales studies.

Or, perhaps you’ve heard it in a movie before. Wolf of Wall Street, Glengarry Glen Ross. Bolier Room – for example.

It sounds great. Trouble is, that’s just not the most effective way to sell anymore.

And it hasn’t been for some time now.

People are smarter. They like to buy things.

But, they don’t like salespeople trying to convince them to buy things.

The new way of selling is quite different. In fact, the less selling you do – the more you’ll sell.


You sell more by connecting more.

I go into full detail in my latest vid. Don’t miss this one. Sales is probably the most vital skill of all – and selling in 2020 is definitely different from the classic Always Be Closing.

Your mindset should be not – how can I sell more. But – how can I help more.

How can you solve people’s problems for them?

Nuanced stuff, I know – that’s why I created this video to really dig into it.

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    1. I like this value, I’ve been trying to figure this out since, and now that I know, I will implement it. thanks Jeff

    2. Awesome! This really helps me clarify the big picture of what I’m trying to get started. Thanks for always putting so much value out there!

    3. Excellent video! I agree wholeheartedly! I’m going to share your video with my Mastermind and coaching clients.

    4. Funny how the most relatable thing in this video for me was your Jeffree Star reference. I happened to be on Warped in 2009, so I got to see him perform at least 20 times, mostly by accident 🤣 I had no idea he was still relevant 🤷‍♂️

    5. Preach it brother…I’ve been thinking about this subject for the content of my first video/blog I plan to post. Thanks for giving me all the words I will need to get that done! Promise, I won’t copy you LOL. Thank you Jeff…love hearing you speak.

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