How To Motivate People, Transform, And Be A True Leader (Unlock Your Potential) | Kirk S. Lippold

Success Tips: Helena Foulkes is the Executive Vice President of CVS Health Corporation. Her advice for those who strive to be successful in their lives is: “You know what the finish line is that you really want to get to but, along the way, it's not always pure joy. There are really hard moments. But if you keep your eye on the prize, it's part of what drives you to get there”. (

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Every person I interview has a story…

But Kirk’s story is one-of-a-kind.

Create the life you've always wanted! 👉

As one of the world's most sought-after motivational leaders, he has unique insights into politics, business, and what it means to be an American.

This episode of Unlock Your Potential is different.

Join me today as we talk all things motivation with Kirk Lippold.

A true leader, he commanded the USS Cole in the year 2000, which was the target of a terrorist attack leading up to 9/11.

But after retiring in 2007, he founded his company, Lippold Strategies LLP.

He provides business and leadership consultation to some of the biggest companies in the world. CEOs and executives are lining up to hear what he has to say!

This interview is full of Kirk’s unique insights into politics, business, and what it means to be an American.

Watch to learn more about how a brilliant military career got transformed into one of the most sought-after leadership consultants in the world!

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    1. 📍 *Isn’t it just truly sad that most of us walk this planet Earth, being a fraction of what we are capable of being?*

    2. *Procrastination is like a credit card, it’s a lot of fun until you get the bill.*

    3. Hey Jeff, have you read this letter that I wrote to Entre? You might want to read this and take an interest asap.
      I would like to respectfully ask for a refund for the course I’m currently enrolled in.
      I feel uncomfortable proceeding with the bootcamp instructor named Al Monteiro. There were several things that were said during the bootcamp that I felt were unnecessary and insulting to the members of the group as well as others who weren’t present nor involved with the program.
      First, I felt like there was a definite lopsided introduction portion of the meeting. I understand that Mr. Monteiro wants to introduce himself to the group and share some relevant background information so we know where he’s been and what he’s done to be a leader of the group. Mr. Monteiro took a full 30 to 35 minutes to tell his entire life story, including details about he grew up in comfortable privilege with full-service maids and a chef. After taking a full half an hour to introduce himself, he insisted that each member of the group take only 15 seconds or less to introduce themselves to the group. 35 minutes for his self-introduction and 15 seconds for the members of the group tells me Mr. Monteiro is far more interested in speaking about himself than he is in learning who is participating in the workshop.
      I was particularly disappointed to hear Mr. Monteiro make what I consider to be a double faux pas as he technically slandered a company named Human Bees and told the group more than once that this company is involved in human slavery. I assume he meant that metaphorically, but that brings me to the other faux pas. One of the members of the group was a woman who introduced herself as a person originally from Congo, Africa. A place with a very long and particularly horrible history of human slavery that exists to this very day. Here’s some information about that; History Of Human Slavery In Congo
      The ironic thing is that Mr. Monteiro went out of his way to ask who our course advisors were and ask us if we felt like we were treated with respect and dignity. It seems he doesn’t quite understand what those terms really mean when it comes to being considerate of others himself.
      I found it disturbing, if not insulting to see Mr. Monteiro show a graphic during his presentation of the official military POW-MIA logo as a prop for people that don’t respond to his emails or lose interest in the group. Just a reminder; there are still missing POWs that are missing in action from the Vietnam War. My father fought in that war in 1965. People he knew personally were POW’s who were missing in action and nobody really knows if they were ever recovered or not. I wonder if Mr. Monteiro takes any of that into consideration when he shows that image as a prop for his bootcamp presentation. Again, a double faux pas because another participating member of the group was ex-military. He even thanked the gentleman for his service, claiming to enjoy the protective services of the US Military as a Canadian citizen. To me, that too is a passive-aggressive insult that is just unnecessary.
      Mr. Monteiro also made a very definite point about an audiobook that he insisted was “mandatory” reading for the bootcamp and went on to warn us all that we were all being graded on our work. The book is titled “Secrets Of The Millionaire Mind”. I downloaded the book and began listening to it. Before long, maybe about 10 to 15 minutes into the book, the author began speaking about the business success of Donald Trump. Not once or twice, but several times. I tried to look past this disappointing aspect of the book but after a while, I could tell this book did not in any way reflect my core values as an entrepreneur or even as a human being.
      Yes, I want to succeed as an entrepreneur, but my soul is not for sale. I will never stoop to the disgraceful and illegal business practices of anyone like Donald Trump.
      For example, any businessman that claims to be a millionaire or even perhaps a billionaire, who pays $500.00 or less in taxes is not an honest businessman, and we all know that.
      Of course, Mr. Trump is a man who cannot accept defeat gracefully and even attempted to overthrow the American government is a failed coo attempt, Mr. Trump even encouraged the American public, if not the entire global community to inject bleach into their veins to kill the Corona Virus as well as other ridiculous methods of treatment.
      My fear is that Mr. Monteiro and I do not see eye to eye when it comes to business or how to properly and respectfully interact with people who paid thousands of dollars to participate in the Entre program. Though I do not hold Mr. Lerner responsible for the hurtful and insulting things that were said and implied during the bootcamp meeting, I am a bit disappointed that someone like that would even be invited to be an instructor on any level.
      To whomever this letter may concern, I respectfully want to invite you to watch the recording of the meeting and see for yourself if what I’m saying is true and accurate.
      Finally, I want to express in no uncertain terms that I am not interested in any kind of negative feedback, publicity, or reviews about Entre Institute, Mr. Lerner, or Mr. Monteiro.
      I am not interested in any negative dialogue, written or verbal that detracts from the good name and reputation of Entre Institute or any of its representatives. I’m not interested in creating media that is negative or disparaging in any way, for any purpose.
      The last thing I want to express is my disappointment in the concierge person who answered my phone call to Entre Institute. I am surprised and disappointed that the concierge person took absolutely no interest in why I was unhappy with the program and wanted to make changes. She just told me to send this email and describe my issue for a revue, and that was it. Nothing more. Not a single question. No interest whatsoever, even though I spent $4,000.00 on the program. I guess sometimes you get what you pay for and sometimes you don’t.
      I just want a refund and that’s all. I’m disappointed but I want to just keep that to myself and move on.

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