How to Make an Affiliate Marketing Program for Your Shopify Store (Full Tutorial 2021)

Affiliate Marketing Tip: You must be honest, and too many people miss this part because they are doing whatever it takes to get ahead. However, it doesn't pay off if you are not honest. If you direct a visitor the wrong way once, then they are likely not to come back. Be honest!

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In this video Noah walks through the entire process of building, launching, scaling, and automating an affiliate marketing program for your Shopify store!

An affiliate program is an amazing way to get more value out of your customers and increase sales for your business. If every customer you spend ad dollars to acquire refers just one friend, the value of each customer skyrockets. If you run an eCommerce brand, an affiliate program is a crucial part of your marketing stack. It allows you to acquire new customers on autopilot, all while rewarding your existing customer base and building a loyal brand community.

Lucky for you, building an affiliate program for your Shopify store has never been easier. With Social Snowball, you can turn all of your customers into affiliates automatically, customize and embed thank you page widgets and sign up forms into your website, bulk send instant cash payouts in two clicks, and so much more.


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  1. Great idea for a ecom brand but how would payouts for affiliates work for dropshipping if orders are returned/chargebacks come in. Do we have to just take that as a loss, because the affilate keeps their payout?

  2. so would I have too pay my affiliates for getting traffic and sales on my website

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