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Copywriting Tips: Just like meeting people in real life, your copy doesn't really get a second chance to make a first impression. Looks matter - the right font is the difference between communicating something effectively and coming across as spammy, sloppy or trashy. (

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Wanna Know a Cheeky Hack To Learn Copywriting For Free? Watch This Video Until The End And Then Download My Free Copy-Paste Script to Sign Your Next High Paying Client This Week:

Interested In Becoming a Copywriter But Don't Have The Cash To Invest In Any Courses?

One of the most common questions I get is “Dude, how the hell did your student Ray go from ZERO copywriting knowledge or experience to $10k/mo as a copywriter in 31 days??”

Not to mention, writing a VSL for the Wolf of Wall Street just 60 days after that.

Pretty ridiculous achievement, I know.

So I asked him what courses he took to get that good at writing copy that quickly.

And what he said astounded me…

“I didn't take any courses, your course is the only course that I've ever taken.”

Naturally, my brain was a little flusterfvcked when I heard that, so I asked him how in tarnation he did it.

And he broke it down for me.

After I was done picking my jaw up off the floor, I filmed this video for you right away.

The truth is, you can still learn copywriting and get pretty damn good even if you only have $5 to your name.

Don't let lack of money be an excuse, watch the video to learn how my student Ray went from zero copywriting knowledge to making $10k/mo as a copywriter in just 30 days.


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Bragging the highest student success rate in the industry, Sean Ferres is THE Client-Acquisition Coach for copywriters and freelancers. Sean helps copywriters, closers, social media agents and other skilled freelancers to acquire their first 3-5 high paying clients and sprint to 6 figures a year in their businesses.

Sean is the founder of the Copy Millions Blueprint™ Program – a global movement of 400+ freelance copywriters and closers from 30+ countries who have helped businesses sell tens of millions of dollars of their products and services (and been rewarded handsomely for it).

Mr. Ferres is also a two times summit speaker and has shared stages with other industry heavyweights such as Dan Pena, Dan Lok, Craig Clemens, Bedros Keullian, Joel Marion, Jason Capital and Craig Ballantyne.


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This video is about How to Learn Copywriting For FREE

Please note that watching Sean's videos or enrolling in his programs will not get you results without actually implementing the strategies. Sean and most of his CMB student results are far above industry average and are not typical.

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