How to Create an Affiliate Marketing Strategy for Instagram

Affiliate Marketing Tip: Keep searching for high commissions. A company that only pays a tiny percentage is much less likely to value your customer/reader base. Look out for those that offer a commission in at least the double digit percentage range. These companies are more likely to respect their clients, and by default, yours.

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So you want to make some money on Instagram? Affiliate marketing might just be the perfect route for you. In this video, I'm going to talk you through my own personal process for setting up an affiliate marketing strategy on Instagram. We're going to take this step by step, together – because I'm also (kind of) new to this! I'm finally taking the skills and knowledge I have from setting up affiliate marketing programs for clients, and applying that to my own content. So let's get into it!

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00:00 You *can* make money on Instagram – here's how to use affiliate marketing
00:57 My own affiliate marketing experience
02:42 First, you're gonna need to get some affiliate links
06:14 How to organize your affiliate links to make the most of them
08:53 GeniusLink – how to make your Amazon affiliate links international! 🌎
12:30 RewardStyle / Like To Know It – make affiliate links for any brand
14:40 Make a shop page on your website!
16:41 How to integrate affiliate marketing into your Instagram strategy
18:58 Affiliate marketing is for more than just Instagram!
19:30 Follow along to see my results!

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