How to Create Amazon Affiliate Marketing Websites – Amazon Affiliate Marketing (Associates) Tutorial

Affiliate Marketing Tip: Never stop thinking. Have marketing ideas running through your mind all day and keep a notepad or recorder handy at all times to take down whatever pops into your head. Success in affiliate marketing is largely about staying ahead of the curve and finding that next hot product and figuring out how to promote it. This is a task that your mind should be on constantly.

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Discover how to create an Amazon Affiliate Marketing website. Our Amazon Associates Tutorial will show you how to get accepted to the Amazon Associates program, how to select a profitable affiliate marketing niche, how to set-up am Amazon affiliate marketing store with your website, how to import Amazon affiliate products, how to install WooZone, how to set-up web hosting, how to install WordPress, how to use the configure the WooZone plugin, how to create a WooCommerce amazon affiliate marketing website, tips and tricks for the Amazon affiliate program, and more.

Video Timestamps:

0:35 – 7 video notes
3:33 – Beginning of Amazon Affiliate Marketing Tutorial
3:51 – Getting accepted into the Amazon Associates program
5:36 – Picking an Amazon Affiliate Marketing niche
8:03 – Setting up Web Hosting
13:55 – How to Select a Domain Name
17:07 – How to Install WordPress for your Domain Name
22:47 – Choosing a WordPress theme for your website
23:52 – Purchasing the WooZone plugin and Flatsome theme
27:25 – Installing and setting up the Flatsome theme
32:20 – Installing and setting up WooZone WooCommerce Amazon Affiliate Marketing Plugin
41:59 – Setting up Access Key ID and Secret Access Key and Affiliate IDs for WooZone
42:15 – Accessing Amazon Associates Product Advertising API
51:43 – Installing the WooZone Direct Import Extension
57:43 – How to Update and Install WordPress Plugins
1:03:11 – How to Install Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, and Google Search Console
1:13:34 – Increasing Memory Allocated to PHP aka WordPress Memory Limit
1:18:01 – Adding Product Categories in WooCommerce
1:22:55 – How to Import Amazon Products to Your Website Using WooZone
1:23:53 – How to Set-Up Amazon Affiliate Products on Your WordPress WooCommerce Store
1:32:35 – How to Use WooCommerce Shortcodes
1:33:42 – How to Create WordPress blog posts
1:37:19 – How to Set-up WordPress Permalinks
1:39:55 – How to Customize Your WordPress Website and Theme
1:47:20 – How to Create WordPress Menus
1:50:44 – How to Set-Up your WooCommerce Store
1:58:16 – How to Set-Up Your WordPress Homepage
2:04:07 – Amazon Associates Tutorial

Video Description:

I start by going over some of the main things I will cover and the goal of this video. At the end of my Amazon Affiliate Marketing course, I hope you are able to create your own Amazon Affiliate Marketing website. First things first, you need to be accepted to the Amazon Associates program. In order to be accepted, you either need a large social media account with a following or a blog with at least 10 blog posts. Therefore, you should create a blog and write 10-20 articles and publish them to your blog. The articles can be based around your top keywords based on your SEO keyword research. I use Bluehost and WordPress to create my websites, and for Amazon Associates websites I choose a dedicated hosting plan. It is the best way to improve your performance and ensure that your products will be imported and your website will not have downtime.

Once you are accepted to the Amazon Associates program, you should download WooZone, the WooCommerce Amazon Affiliate Marketing plugin. In addition, you should use the Flatsome theme in my opinion, but the Storefront WordPress theme would work as well.

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