How Pawan Rai is Earning 30 Lakh Per Month from Affiliate Marketing, Google News Websites & More

Affiliate Marketing Tip: Be sure not to overwhelm people visiting your website with the affiliate ads on your homepage. Too many ads will put people off causing them to ignore the ads entirely or worsen the user's experience making their return to your site less likely. Instead, focus on placing quality ads targeted at your readers' demographics.

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How Pawan Rai is Earning 30 Lakh Per Month from Affiliate Marketing, Google News Websites & More

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00:00 Trailer
00:42 Intro
01:37 Pawan Intro
03:12 How he started
06:11 Businesses of Pawan Rai
09:24 Why Multiple Businesses?
11:18 Affiliate Marketing Tips by Pawan
19:26 How much he is earning every month?
20:45 Tool Used by Pawan
22:26 How he manage his team?
23:03 Message for audience
26:13 Ending of the video

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