How I Make $36,000/year in Passive Income

Passive Income Tip: Rental Properties Residential and commercial rental properties are excellent sources of revenue. If you do not want to do the work of managing it yourself, you can always hire a property management company. (

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Looking for creative ways to make passive income? I break down my sources of passive income in this video along with how much I make from each. Together, these sources are providing me with over $3,000 per month with very little time to maintain and update.

These are methods that don't require you to have a social media following or an audience to sell to. However, they do require leveraging another skill with an investment of time and money.

If you aren't a photographer, videographer, or musician, think of what skills you do have that you may be able to turn into passive income. If you want more ideas, leave me a comment below and I will make a video on it!

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