How I Earn $15,000+ Passive Income per Month Staking & Lending Crypto

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In this video, we take you through an update of our crypto staking portfolio. We show you all the platforms, rates and returns that we get staking and lending our crypto.

► How I Earn Passive Income;
► Best DeFi Rates;

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1:28 Celsius Lending
2:50 BlockFi Lending
3:44 Olympus DAO
4:31 Klima DAO
5:01 Wonderland
5:42 lending
6:01 Aave Staking
6:13 Nexo Lending
6:44 Kraken Exchange Staking
7:16 FTX App
7:38 FTX Exchange Staking
8:07 Solana SOL Staking
8:18 Raydium RAY Staking
8:34 Axie Infinity AXS Staking
9:07 Binance Earn
9:29 Trust Wallet BNB Staking
9:46 Terra Luna Staking
10:03 Anchor Protocol ANC Staking
10:33 Sythentix SNX Staking
10:54 Yield App
11:16 Exodus Staking
11:33 Rfox Finance Staking

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