How Carl Broadbent Went From Losing His Job to Successful Affiliate Marketer

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Here’s the story of a guy who lost his job and typed into Google “how to make money online” Carl Broadbent.

Fast forward a few years; he’s full time, has a portfolio of 9 websites, a popular YouTube channel, and crushes it as an affiliate marketer.

The guy’s name is Carl Broadbent, and he’s the latest guest on the Niche Pursuits interview.

His backstory is interesting and inspiring. 

Carl shares his knowledge, strategies, and approach to many aspects of website building and affiliate marketing.

We discuss how entering a competition at Income School changed his life and the pearls of wisdom he received from the experts who came to his home to coach him one-to-one.

Besides the above, we also touch on:

– Keyword research and how he does it
– Small sites vs. large sites
– How he scaled his business and built up his writing team
– His somewhat strong opinions on information sites vs. affiliate sites
– Strategy for selling his websites
– How much he wanted to earn before quitting his latest job
– The latest project he has for a new website on an aged domain name (spoiler alert: 200 articles published in a month)
– The affiliate marketing conference for 2022 that he has organized (who’s going, and why he organized it.)

Jared (Our Host) winds up the interview by asking Carl what the most important piece of advice he has for people just starting out.

Resources and links mentioned in the interview:

Income School –
Carl's YouTube Channel –
Ezoic –
Mediavine –
Adthrive –
Upwork –
Keyword Care –
Affiliate Gathering Conference –

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