High Paying Affiliate Programs that Pay Per Lead | Earn Up to $75 Per Referral ?

Affiliate Marketing Tip: Confirm how many sales the product really has before signing up with them. What is the point of spending your time building a site to promote a product that no one wants? You only get commission when someone buys so make sure you are putting your efforts towards a winner.

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These Top Pay Per Lead (PPL) Affiliate Programs pay upwards of $75 per lead! That's some of the highest in the industry for a free sign up.

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?5 High Paying PPL Affiliate Programs:

5 High Paying Referral Programs that Pay Per Free Sign Up

?7 High Converting Pay Per Lead Affiliate Programs:

Best Pay Per Lead Affiliate Programs to Earn Money

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These high paying referral programs will have you doing a double take when you hear how much they pay you per lead.

Here, I’ll share with you 4 referral programs that will pay you top dollar per free signup.

How to Get Paid for Leads

Simply use your affiliate link on your blog, YouTube channel, or other social media platforms to start earning money.

You get paid when your referral performs a certain action such as:

Supplies their Email Address
Requests a Free Quote
Accepts a Sales Call
Starts a Free Trial
Signs up for a Webinar

These pay per lead actions are just some examples in which referral programs accept new leads. But don’t just think you can send any traffic to these affiliate websites and get paid instant commissions!

These programs pay for legitimate leads.

➡ High Paying Referral Programs

Whatever program you choose to promote, you will generally always fare better in promoting it, if you’re an actual customer of the product. The more informed you can help your audience be about a product, the better the chances they will purchase from you.

This simple tip will increase your referral income tenfold!

1⃣ SEMRush – $10 Per Lead | $250 Per Sale

SEMRush is a powerful SEO Tool for entrepreneurs looking to leverage organic methods to drive more traffic and sales to their offers.

The new SEMRush affiliate program recently launched on the Shareasale platform, and quickly became one of the highest paying affiliate programs.

Previously, affiliates were able to sign up under their BeRush Affiliate Program and earn recurring affiliate commissions for each sale. But as of October 1, 2020, the BeRush program is an invite only affiliate program.

2⃣ FreshBooks – $5 – $10 Per Lead | $55 – $200 Per Sale

Freshbooks is an accounting software built for entrepreneurs looking to automate their client management, invoicing, and books. They currently integrate with over 100 apps to help owners streamline their business and work with team members.

If you’re currently a member of the Shareasale Affiliate Network, then you can simply log into your account, find them using the search bar, and apply to their affiliate program.

3⃣ AllState – $5 – $20 Per Lead

If you’ve watched any tv at all in the last 17 years, then you may have caught one of the many AllState Insurance commercials with actor spokesperson, Dennis Haysbert. They’re pretty hard to miss. 

With this sort of heavy promotion, it’s no wonder AllState is a highly recognizable company. Having this kind of clout makes it much easier to promote and earn money with a company’s affiliate program.

4⃣ vCita – $75 Per Lead

vcita is the #1 business management and client engagement app, designed to help small businesses grow.

vcita includes an online CRM to manage all client communications together with online scheduling, online payments, email & SMS campaigns, lead generating website widgets, and everything a small business needs to drive more business and provide great client service.

Not to mention, vCita also integrates with Facebook Messenger which is pretty awesome.

vCita will pay you $75 per lead per small business you refer to them that sets up a video or phone appointment with a VCita member.
? 7 High Converting Affiliate Programs that Pay Per Lead

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