From Full-Time, Faith-Based Nonprofit Work to Part-Time Copywriting – Kate’s Story

Copywriting Tips: “Look at the types of content that are ranking for the keyword you want to optimize for,” Ellie says. “If there's a bunch of blog posts and content offers that are ranking, great that's a keyword Google likes to skew toward content. If it's all solutions pages maybe it's not great for a blog.” Additionally look at who the high-ranking content is from. If Wikipedia is the number one search result and you have a newer website with a low domain authority , you probably won't be able to reach the top of the search results. You will likely see more traction from a less-competitive niche keyword instead. (

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When Kate Kosydar first discovered copywriting, she had been working full time in the faith-based nonprofit world for more than a decade and was ready for a change. She talks about why she continued to pursue copywriting, even after taking another copywriting course she didn't find valuable, and how she realized her original definition of copywriting (being “salesy” or selling out her values) was not at all what it actually ended up being for her copywriting career. You can make a difference as a copywriter working with businesses you believe in and honoring your values.

Spoiler: she has nearly doubled her former full-time salary—working part time, and she and her husband have managed to pay off their student loans. Kate also touches on living in a more rural area and the benefits of being able to work remote with her clients.

Note: We mention “Pitchapalooza” on this episode, which is an annual four-week event for Comprehensive Copywriting Academy students that gets everyone writing and sending their first pitches.

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Nicki Krawczyk, the founder of Filthy Rich Writer, and Kate Sitarz have 15+ and 10+ years of experience, respectively, writing copy for multi-billion-dollar companies, solopreneurs, and every size business in between. To us, being “filthy rich” means having a job you love, being good at what you do, and making great money doing it.

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