FREE Affiliate Marketing Course | Complete A-Z Beginners Tutorial For 2021

Affiliate Marketing Tip: Utilize sites like Google Optimizer. This type of site will allow you to increase your subscription base, thus helping to increase your profits. Not everyone that subscribes to your site will be a customer, but the more subscribers you have, the more potential customers you have. And every little bit helps.

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Looking to get started in affiliate marekting? this free course will show you how in 2020 and 2021. This tutorial will show you how to make money with affiliate marketing quickly

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Affiliate marketing is one of the best way to make money on the internet because you don't need your own products. You can find a product on something like Clickbank and start promoting it instantly. You get a commission when someone makes a purchase. This free course will show you exactly how to get started.

The first step in this free affiliate marketing course is to sigh up to a network. In this video we will focus on two networks. We will focus on WarriorPlus (WP) and Clickbank (CB). You want to find a cheap product to have a one time offer then have another offer fro the email backend that you can find on Clickbank. I will show you how to set this all up in the free tutorial.

The next step is this free course is to send traffic to you page so you can collect emails. The best way to do this is to use what we call solo ads. The reason we use this traffic is because they are already interested in the offers you have to promote. You can use Udimi to do this like I show you in this affiliate marketing training.

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  1. Awesome video Franklin, appreciate you sharing courses for affiliate-marketing-with-YouTube. Any opinion on local lead generation? Basically building and banking websites that generate leads for local businesses. Went thru Ippei Kanehara’s program a year ago, now I’ve got 11 creating about $5,500 coming in each month. My best site is a remodel site in Dallas, which brings me $1,500 by itself.

  2. Love this video Franklin. I’ve been binge watching all your vids because I love your easy to understand teaching style. Thanks for all the good free info. 🙂

  3. Just finished watching the whole video, I learn slowly so I’ll have to rewind the video quit a few times I would like to say thank you Franklin for giving your time and effort on trying to guide people like me. I’ll try it out and let you know how I do. Cheers buddy!??

  4. Just a question:
    In the example given from UDIMI, what makes me sure that the 200 victors that I pay $115 to get them are the right customers to the product I’m promoting?

  5. Thank you very much Franklin, I appreciate your kindness to help those of us who do not know anything about this business. I don’t speak English, I live in Costa Rica and I only speak Spanish. I have followed his videos and I transcribe through the google translator. I really appreciate your valuable help

  6. Hey Franklin ! Amazing videos and Channel !!! Do you have a program training/ Classes regarding starting a first time YouTube channel business? What are your recommendations and advices ? Thank You>

  7. Hi Franklin,
    Thanks for putting out this video. One of your best works so far. I can tell you and know many will agree that there are not many out there in the market who will do this for free. It is all very straightforward, however, I have a question, can I use this method with Facebook or Google ads?

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