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Copywriting Tips: You might have heard that you should “sell the sizzle” and “focus on the benefits”. Human beings very rarely make decisions from a purely analytical standpoint. We are an emotional species and our emotions heavily dictate our behavior. (

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If your copywriting is not persuading your audience to take action, you aren't making any money. learn the simple 5 step copy framework today! Want help? Watch my copywriting software video next –

The goal is to give you a full “Do It Yourself” plan for writing great sales copy that will connect with your audience, prove you can help and ultimately get them excited to buy into your program, product or system.

If you want a series of copywriting templates that can help you out with this process, go to

To learn more about that copywriting course and see exactly what is included inside the course, watch this video where I review the best copywriting course:

In your copy writing you are going to have to master storytelling because story powered marketing is key to long term success online… This video covers a simple story framework for digital marketing:

One of the steps is all about proof and testimonials. For my video on how to capture GREAT testimonials that will compel your readers to action, watch this video:

For examples of great copywriting and sales pages to study watch this video: where I review 3 high-converting sales pages.

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