EasyBlock – Invest in StrongBlock for just $10! Easy Passive Income!

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EasyBlock is a protocol which allows you to invest in StrongBlock from as little as $10! With your investment you will receive 30% APR paid out weekly. EasyBlock take shareholder's investments from the Fantom network, bridge them to the Ethereum network and purchase StrongBlock Nodes. The profits from these nodes then gets bridged back tot he Fantom network and distributed to all shareholders.

The benefit of all this? A very cheap way to get involved in $STRONG and compound your interest to get a full node but without all the ETH Gas fees involved and the huge initial outlay.

This is a very new project which has only been running just over a week so don't forget to only invest what you can afford to lose! The developer is dox'd and seems to be very open and gives frequent updates but make sure to do some digging of your own before investing.

00:00 What is EasyBlock?
02:12 The Developer
03:31 Profitiability Calculator
05:29 How to buy Fantom for Shares
06:27 Convert UDST to FTM
07:12 Add Fantom network to MetaMask
07:55 Send FTM to MetaMask
11:10 FAQs
11:42 Convert FTM to USDC
12:33 Add USDC token to MetaMask
14:11 Purchasing EasyBlock Shares
15:33 Comparing to STRONG
17:03 Final Thoughts

Check out the EasyBlock FAQ and User Guide here:

Here's my calculator if you want to see how much you could potentially make with some EasyBlock shares:

And here are the steps required to purchase some EasyBlock Shares:

1) Buy some FTM on Binance

2) Send FTM to MetaMask

3) Convert FTM to USD on SpookySwap/SpiritSwap

4) Purchase your shares on EasyBlock

5) Sit back and relax!

Here are the MetaMask network settings to add Fantom:

Network Name: Fantom Opera
Chain ID: 250
Currency Symbol: FTM
Block Explorer URL:

Don't forget to add in the contract ID when doing your conversion on SpookySwap so that the asset appears in your MetaMask!

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