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Passive Income Tip: According to Uncle Sam, you need to be "materially involved" in an enterprise to earn active income. With passive income, it's just the opposite, as the IRS deems you to be earning passive income if you're not materially involved with a profit-making enterprise. By and large, expect income to be taxable if you are engaged in a passive income enterprise. You will need to report earnings to the IRS. (

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Exploring stocks, trading, and investments with tonight’s guest, Ali Farid Khwaja. Where has he done his high schooling and college from? How he was one of the top technology analysts in Europe? Where has he worked before K-trade? What’s K-trade? Wasn’t it known as KASB before and how this structure works? What are the average age demographics of the investors they have? What is a zero-risk product? How stock investment is more powerful? Why should one invest in business partnerships? How does K-trade plan to attract Gen-Z and the non-investors majority in Pakistan? Tune in know more on trading, PSX, earning through stocks, and investment as part of pop culture!

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00:00 Tonight’s guest: Ali Farid Khwaja
00:55 What’s his journey from high school to college been like?
03:15 Where has he worked before K-trade?
05:28 What opportunity he sees in Pakistan?
08:54 K-trade, KASB, and how does this structure works?
11:21 What are the average age demographics of investors?
12:27 How do you invest and what’s the product?
13:44 What’s zero risk product?
15:25 Why investing in business partnerships is more successful?
23:26 What’s the Islamic concept in stocks?
26:47 What’s the process at K-trade?
35:56 How long does it takes to start trading?
38:16 What are different means to earn through stocks?
40:44 How he plans to invest his seed fund?
41:46 What are they doing to attract the non-investors majority?
48:24 What he thinks of Robinhood?
49:55 How they plan to mainstream investment in Gen-Z?

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