Earn 600$ per Day in Passive Income with Geist Finance!

Passive Income Tip: According to Uncle Sam, you need to be "materially involved" in an enterprise to earn active income. With passive income, it's just the opposite, as the IRS deems you to be earning passive income if you're not materially involved with a profit-making enterprise. By and large, expect income to be taxable if you are engaged in a passive income enterprise. You will need to report earnings to the IRS. (

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00:00 – Start
01:53 – What is Geist Finance?
02:16 – Geist Finance token and how you can earn insanely high rewards
02:42 – How much I am earning on Geist Finance
04:20 – Understand the difference between staked, locked and vested geist finance tokens
06:15 – How to buy geist finance tokens on spookyswap
08:06 – How to lock your geist finance tokens for insane rewards
08:57 – How to claim your geist finance rewards
09:29 – How to sell your geist tokens for wbtc or other assets
10:37 – How to withdraw gtokens geth gftm gusdt
11:02 – The biggest risk with geist finance locking

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Hi my name is Kierin and I'll be your guide on your DeFi adventure. The DeFi space is complicated and dangerous. There are many scams, hacks, and people out there trying to take your money away from you. It's important to have the tools and knowledge to be safe in the space. Therefore, I'll be your map and compass to help you thrive on your yourney to financial independence.

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