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So Matthew Loop has been in the online game for over a decade. You don’t need to take that long. Take the shortcut.
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On today’s episode of the Millionaire Secrets podcast, “Author and Social Media Revenue Strategist”, I interview Matthew Loop.

This is going to be an interesting podcast for many of you because Matthew has been in the game of online marketing for a very long time. 

He actually started out his career as a chiropractor. Yes, that’s right, it’s in fact Dr. Matthew Loop. But after struggling to even pay the rent through traditional advertising routes, Matthew turned his focus online to find customers.

Success came in the form of MySpace. He found many people within his local community that needed help with back pain, neck pain, etc. 

And so his chiropractic office began to take off. His booking schedule was full. 

It was then, 

That his fellow professionals in the local area – other chiros, and dentists – began approaching him and asking for marketing help.

The seed of an idea was born. 

And Matthew soon became a local social media marketing specialist. 

It’s been a long road since then, of course. We’re talking more than a decade ago!

And that’s why his story is so rich and fascinating. 

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