Copywriting Scam: Roy responds to “how to do it” question

Copywriting Tips: There's another side to copywriting that is focused on manipulation through fear and greed, and while it's great for making a quick buck, it will never help you build a brand or a business that people return to time after time. If you are working with a great product that customers love, you don't need persuasion, you need clarity. You need a clear, succinct message that shows the customer why the product fits their needs or desires. (

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They literally asked me how to SCAM customers through copywriting!
This subscriber clearly doesn’t know my work.
Because when I asked them to share their biggest challenge or question I could respond to with a video, here’s what they asked…
“How to write scam product reviews and recommend the product that I am promoting in a way that doesn't sound salesy and pushy?”
I almost didn’t answer.
But this has actually been a hot topic in the copywriting and direct response industry recently. So I decided to give them their answer…
I’m sure it’s not the answer they expected, though!
For today’s video I addressed the topic of…
Copywriting scams…
Marketing scams…
Scam product reviews…
And my whole approach to business, in response to this question.
It’s all in the video.
Watch now.
Yours for bigger breakthroughs,
Roy Furr

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