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Copywriting Tips: To increase the fluency of your copy and to prevent those harmful evaluations you need to simplify your message. In this section, you'll learn a few research-backed techniques to boost the clarity (and persuasiveness) of your writing. (

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Everyone knows webinars turn prospects into buyers. But did you know there’s a way to increase your sales FIVE TIMES over whatever you take in on live webinar? That means if you do 10 orders on your webinar, you can get FIFTY by the end of this devilishly clever email sequence. Internet marketing legend and “VSL Godfather” Jon Benson pays a visit to Internet Masterminds.

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In the full video you'll discover….

• The borderline MYSTICAL power of the “Reverse Q&A”, and how it can double your sales by itself…

• The one-word email subject line that bumped opens and clicks by 273%…

• The line of code that ABSOLUTELY MUST be in your last 3 emails, or else your sales will stop dead in their tracks…

• The “2-for-1” Webinar Encore trick that bumps conversion rates by over 300%…

• The 1 “cardinal sin” of all email marketing, and exactly what you MUST DO to get forgiveness (your customers will pardon you!)…


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Jon Benson is well-recognized as one of the top sales copy strategists in the world. He is also the CEO, home to Sellerator ( (the #1 copywriting and VSL course on the Internet), Email CopyPro (essentially “A.I. For Email”, and dozens of other Internet marketing tools and services. He is the creator of the video sales letter, which ushered in a new form of selling on the web, generating over $12 billion dollars in sales for hundreds of entrepreneurs and businesses.

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