Copywriting: إحتراف كتابة المحتوى البيعى للسوشيال ميديا

Copywriting Tips: Freewriting is an exercise that requires timed continuous writing with no oversight and, most importantly, no feedback that means no worrying about grammar, no stress about getting off topic, no need to even set a topic, and no requirement to show anyone or look at it ever again. Championed by Peter Elbow in the 1970s, this practice has made its way into classrooms everywhere because writing is an iterative process and learning to generate without oversight or feedback is an important part of it. (

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للناس اللى بتشتغل فى صناعة المحتوى وخاصة ال Copywriting أو المحتوى البيعى، سواء لاعلانات السوشيال ميديا او أى نوع من اعلانات التسويق الالكترونى

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