Copywriters Wanted

Copywriting Tips: To increase the fluency of your copy and to prevent those harmful evaluations you need to simplify your message. In this section, you'll learn a few research-backed techniques to boost the clarity (and persuasiveness) of your writing. (

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⏱ Chapters:
00:00 – There's a TON of opportunity for good copywriters [Intro]
00:58 – An Action Plan for Getting Copywriting Clients
01:51 – Opportunities for copywriters
02:44 – World's cheapest post office, infinite printing press
05:37 – Challenge: baby can't eat words
08:41 – Key: the right kind of copy
12:27 – Sell them what they are buying
16:33 – Copywriters Wanted
17:47 – Don't miss out out the web class! [More Resources]

If you are a good copywriter, there’s an opportunity waiting for you…
Do you even realize how much content and marketing is being put out today?
Last year, there were 197 million emails sent EVERY MINUTE.
Other media channels have similarly staggering statistics.
Marketers have more need than ever for fresh content and fresh copy.
There is SO MUCH opportunity.
And yet I hear copywriters still struggling to find this opportunity.
Today’s episode should help: Copywriters Wanted.
Yours for bigger breakthroughs,
Roy Furr
PS: If you’re looking for work as a copywriter, make sure you register for my free web class tomorrow, An Action Plan for Getting Copywriting Clients.

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