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Productivity Tips: Margaret Anadu , 38, head of the urban investment group at Goldman Sachs I try to go for an hour-long walk each morning completely free of any inputs (no music, podcasts, emails, etc.). It's my time to center myself and to think through what is happening with my family, with my team, and with the partners we work with in underserved communities. This is when I think through some of the most complex challenges facing me in the days and weeks ahead. This intentional, early morning quiet time, while often hard to carve out with two young kids at home, sets the tone for the day and makes me a better wife, mom, leader, and investor. (
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Join me and Chris Bello in this episode “The Entrepreneur Crushing Real Estate & Productivity”, as we discuss all the top insider tips for everything motivational and productivity from the guru himself!

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    1. I’ve been listening to a lot of these podcasts at work, and I love how they aren’t just applicable to people with their own business. I have a job and a side hustle and a lot of the advice is helpful for me in my job. Keep up the good work.

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