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Copywriting Tips: When you have a clear plan for your copy, you will be able to articulate it better and maintain a smoother flow. This translates into a better reading experience for your readers. If it doesn't flow well, you'll lose the interest of your reader and thus, lose a potential customer. (

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If you have the sensation of “spinning your wheels…” while writing copy

Then you must not have a good copywriting framework in place.

Because this step is critical for how copy works.

So then it's either…

1: You're too lazy to frontload this work before you start writing copy…
2: Or you simply weren't aware of this problem to begin with.

Most jr copywriters that I work with struggle with number 2…

That means they don't even realize they are supposed to…

1: Find and collect a couple copywriting frameworks.
2: Outline your favorite one.
3: Apply your research and plug your own copy into that framework

Again, this is just how copy works.

And if you fail to do this, the result is always the same.

I've seent it…

Lots and lots of wasted time and energy.

Most writers don't understand what is wrong, they just tell me: “I feel like I'm spinning my wheels.”

Yeah, no shit. You are spinning your wheels.

But I've been there… And I know there's a better way.

So I made this video to give you easy-to-follow “framework” and “copy-method” tips…

A “peek behind the curtain,” if you will…

So you can stop spinning your wheels and start writing high converting copy.

Watch now to discover the best copywriting frameworks.

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