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    How to Use Unique Mechanisms in Copywriting

    Continue Reading What are unique mechanisms in copywriting? How do you use them? I answer these questions and more in today’s video. A mechanism is a unique feature, benefit, or concept that you attract to a product in a campaign. It makes both the advertisement and what you’re selling memorable. It stands out from the… More

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    This is how you use swipe files [copywriting]

    Continue Reading ✅ High-Velocity Copywriting ► ✅ BTMSinsiders is like Netflix for Copywriting & Marketing Training — Stream all of Roy’s training for one low monthly fee ► ✅ Subscribe to Roy’s YouTube channel ► ✅ Subscribe to the Breakthrough Marketing Secrets podcast ► ✅ Work With Roy ► ✅… More

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    Copywriting for Beginners – is Earning $100k Really Possible?

    Continue Reading ✅ Claim your exclusive FREE BONUS (thanks for watching) AWAI COPYWRITING COURSE (BECOME A COPYWRITER IN LESS THAN 4 WEEKS!) DIRECT LINK WITH DISCOUNT & PAYMENT PLAN: ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ In this copywriting for beginners video, I’m going to give it to you straight and answer burning questions you may have about what… More

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    Easiest $2,000/Day With Affiliate Marketing For Beginners (Make Money Online)

    Continue Reading Get FREE & Instant Traffic 👉 (First 75 People) Follow Me To Enter the New Giveaway👇 INSTAGRAM: Use This Autopilot App To Get Free Traffic: 👉 ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ In this video, we are talking about how to make money on Youtube without showing face by copy paste. This is one of […] More

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    Copy Work: Get Better At Copywriting By Handwriting Famous Pieces Of Work!

    Continue Reading “Copy Work” is when you hand copy famous ads in order to “learn” how that person wrote it. Subscribe to this YouTube channel to get more tips: Want to make your business better with proper copywriting? 1,000’s of companies, entrepreneurs, startups, and agencies learn from us. Start learning copywriting immediately with our… More

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    3 Tips to Improve Your Copywriting [with Eden Bidani]

    Continue Reading Have you ever had to write web copy and caught yourself sounding like a used car salesman? Maybe you haven’t had that much experience at writing for your own website and you want to make sure that your content’s compelling. Joining me to share 3 Tips to Improve Your Copywriting on Episode 256… More

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    Communicating Emotion [Essential Copywriting Skills for Beginners & Pros]

    Continue Reading ✅ Get the full Essential Copywriting Skills series here ► ✅ Emotional Direct Response Copywriting ► ✅ The Story Selling Master Class ► ✅ Sleight of Pen Copywriting Training ► ✅ BTMSinsiders is like Netflix for Copywriting & Marketing Training — Stream all of Roy’s training for one low… More

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    Copywriting “Hack” — Use these words to write better copy, faster

    Continue Reading ✅ BTMSinsiders is like Netflix for Copywriting & Marketing Training — Stream all of Roy’s training for one low monthly fee ► ✅ Get Roy’s Daily Emails ► ✅ Subscribe to Roy’s YouTube channel ► ✅ Work With Roy ► Want to write better copy, faster? Today’s copywriting “hack”… More

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    The 9 Best Copywriting Apps All Writers Need ASAP!

    Continue Reading Want to speed up your workflow, writing, editing, and more? Then you need to check out these 9 copywriting apps that have become a staple in my copywriting business. What are your favourite copywriting tools and apps? Read the original blog post: Connect with me 👇 ——– Website: Twitter: LinkedIn:… More

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    Copywriting Tutorial: How To Write Sales Copy That Sells

    Continue Reading THE 9 COMPONENTS OF A COMPELLING SALES OFFER. As a copywriter or online entrepreneur, your #1 priority should be to convert more eyeballs into clicks. More clicks into leads. More leads into customers and more customers into recurring customers! Every piece of sales copy you write for on-site conversions (sales letter, sales page,… More

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