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Anthony Trucks tells you how to shape your identity to achieve your dreams, now I show you the shortcut.
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Today’s guest on the Millionaire Secrets podcast is Anthony Trucks. 

After having his Pro Footballer career cut short by injury at the age of 25, Anthony found himself catapulted into a world of depression and adversity. 

But this wasn’t an unfamiliar place for him, 

At the age of 3, Anthony was given into foster care. Growing up in a poor white family as a black child, he was the target of intense bullying and soon turned to petty crime in his teens. 

Jail looked to be on the horizon. 

But somehow, he turned things around and threw himself into his passion for football. 

With some natural talent – and a lot of hard work – Anthony created an identity deep inside of a great football player. 

He truly believed it – and the world would soon bend to that belief. 

Fast-forward a few years from his teens, and Anthony was in the NFL.

But only for 3 years. 

A combination of injuries started adding up. A shoulder injury was the final nail in his NFL coffin. And with that, Anthony had to start thinking of a life beyond football. 

Again, he had to create a new identity for himself. And that’s where things get really interesting. 

Enjoy this fantastically unique podcast.

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    1. I’m so happy I found you I’m going to be purchasing your book next month and hopefully getting all the benefits that come with it, I’m 17 and have been turned down by Evey job I applied for and then I came do the decision of becoming an entrepreneur. I have lots of research for this and I’m hoping that money will not be a problem for me in my future… There’s a lot of scams now and it hard to find out which ones are real and which ones are fake…. I’m hoping this method isn’t a fake one
      Edit: I was wondering if maybe I could talk to you successful student (it’s ok to say no that is very much privacy reasons)

    2. Great interview! Like when Anthony talked about being grossly committed and disciplined to achieve his goals.

    3. Already earned my respect when you said ANW(American Ninja Warrior), teach us Senpai. Ah, I see, nature versus nurture.

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